Craving Salty Foods Can Be A sign of Potassium Deficiency

If you like salty foods or tend to add salt to your meals or if you have consistent cravings for restaurant foods, salty chips, preserved/processed foods in a box, listen up. It’s possible that your body is craving potassium...not salt. The human tongue cannot distinguish sodium from potassium because both taste salty. Potassium is up to 8 times saltier than sodium. All living things need potassium to function and stay alive. We cannot store potassium in our bodies for later but we can store salt. So its essential we consistently feed ourselves potassium and be on the more conservative side with our salt intake. Too much salt can increase risk of stroke, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and even stomach cancer. 1 in 3 Americans will deal with high blood pressure in their lifetime. 

To deal with salt cravings, try incorporating sea vegetables into your diet. Of course I’m going to plug sea moss but there are actually a whole host of seaweeds that are just as powerful. Brown seaweeds such as Kombu or Kelps or Bladderwrack, Dulse, Wakame, Sea Palm Rockweek, Sargassum all are super rich in potassium along with other minerals that are necessary for your body to FUNCTION OPTIMALLY. Just 10 grams of these seaweeds a day can resolve most potassium-deficiency issues and kill the salt cravings. 

TIP: Add a piece of kombu to any beans while they are cooking (remove when cooked) and not only does it provide you with the potassium but it also helps the digestion process and reduces the amount of phytic acid from the beans that you intake. Phytic acid is the stuff that makes you pass gas when eating beans. 

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