Herbs to Take for Impotency

πŸ† Impotency is the failure to have or maintain an erection. The primary reasons for impotence are emotional concerns or diseases that cause some form of circulatory obstruction in the body. If a man has morning erections or erections during sleep, but is experiencing issues with erections during sex...he is likely dealing with an emotional issue. Interestingly, the emotional issue likely is not the man's emotional concern but rather the sexual partner is refusing to have sex regularly or is disengaged emotionally. If he is not having erections at all, then he is dealing with some type of disease in the body. Diseases can be related to heart disease, clogged arteries, diabetes, antidepressant meds, smoking, alchohol, poor eating habits with heavy animal based meals, and hormonal imbalance.

Impotency is really the body protecting the woman from weak or low quality sperm not fit for reproduction. The body is not allowing the sperm to leave the body until the disease or the emotional issues are addressed. And it's also the body's way of telling the man to check in on his health where a more serious disease is likely brewing. Impotency can be permanent but in most cases its temporary.

Adopting a plant based diet is key for eliminating impotency. In addition to diet change, there are also herbal remedies that can help such as ginseng, damiana, horny goat weed, sarsparilla root, saw palmetto, maca, and wild oats.


  • Evening, which herbs can help with maintaining an erection during sex. Sometimes I’m able to perform and others times can’t maintain my erection. Thanks

    Gregory Clark
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