Living the Straight and Narrow Life is Not How Nature Intended

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in nature is straight. All natural things that come from Mother Earth are uniquely dimensional and nothing from this universe is geometrically straight. Fruits, veggies, leaves, snowflakes, trees, insects, animals, rocks…even a blade of grass has a curve to it. Our western culture would have you to believe that math and science, the “absolute truths,” or the straight paths from A to B are perfection and how we are to live our lives and be measured. Well, as I lean more and more into a natural lifestyle I am realizing that the geometrically perfect structures we live in and work in, and the perfectly measured clothes we stuff ourselves into every day, and the straight and narrow paths to goals we set for ourselves and measure ourselves against are not reflective of nature in one bit. In actuality, these straight lines are creating a separation between us and nature every day. Yes, there are patterns in nature but these patterns are specific to that one snowflake out of an infinite number of other flakes…nothing is a perfect duplication.. Everything in nature, which includes you and I, is perfectly unique and a part of the natural existence. 

I say all this to say, take it easy on yourself. We aren’t meant to move in a linear fashion or be linear in our approach. It is natural to take the scenic route from A to B with interruptions, twists, and turns. We might have to circle around something in our lives before we shift to something else. If anything, we are like trees which thrive when we are grounded and rooted in rich soil, and connected to others at a deep, deep level, and over time mature into older trees that spread their nutrients (wisdom) to younger or sick trees. We need sunlight, we need water, we need time in nature walking barefoot on the ground, we need minerals, and we need each other. I understand the role of shelter and clothes, and yes, we need them too. However, we need to spend equal time rooting ourselves in nature and eating foods that bring us closer to nature to fully be our authentic selves as God, the Universe intended.

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  • I love every word, it’s definitely the laws of the universe; not the laws of man.

    Karen Thompson

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