BELLY LOVE KIT | Metabolism Booster + Gut Cleanser
BELLY LOVE KIT | Metabolism Booster + Gut Cleanser
BELLY LOVE KIT | Metabolism Booster + Gut Cleanser
BELLY LOVE KIT | Metabolism Booster + Gut Cleanser

BELLY LOVE KIT | Metabolism Booster + Gut Cleanser

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Digest + Harmonize

The herbs within these formulas have been used to de-bloat, increase metabolism, improve absorption, boost bile production, and support weight loss. You can enjoy these tonics in a cleanse, or regularly to assist with digestion. We recommend taking these plant medicines along with essential prebiotic-rich goods that directly promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and help suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria, along with natural probiotic sources that will optimize the efficiency of these plants. Regardless of the diet you live by or are doing for some time, these plants can provide great assistance. 

Our Belly Love Kit Contains:

Belly Love Powder: This formula is designed to help assist fat metabolism, and boost healthy digestion, detox, and metabolism. Composed of antioxidant-rich superfoods such as Hibiscus and Cranberry; rainforest allies known to assist in fat metabolism such as Garcinia cambogia and Cha de Bugre; and Ginger, a beloved spice and prebiotic that greatly harmonizes the gut.*  

Fat Belly Tonic: Our double-extricated tonic contains powerful botanical agents that may assist in removing stagnation in the gut and assist in liver detox. Garcinia cambogia and Cha de Bugre are known to assist the metabolism, digestion of stagnant fat, and other indigestible compounds that build up over time. It can help the body remove toxicity while helping to mineralize with a high vitamin C source (Mangosteen and Turmeric). Together these powerhouses are known to increase circulation, support detox, and assist in sustainable fat burning while decreasing excess inflammation.*

Amargo Bitters: Our digestive bitters are different than the classic bitters you find, as they are composed of medicinal herbs known to greatly assist the gut in a myriad of ways. Composed of potent botanical treasures known for their prebiotic effects, such as Quassia, Dandelion, Burdock, Lemon Peel, Milk Thistle, Oregon Grape Root, Mugwort, and fresh Ginger; all of which are renowned for supporting the blood, digestion, detox, and mineralization.*

Golden Sun Milk:  Our Golden Sun Milk is an exquisite morning blend of prebiotic-rich superfoods such as adaptogenic powerhouses (Maca and Cordyceps) known for their energizing effects, and known to even increase muscle mass (Cordyceps!), along with Mucuna, a revered nootropic also called "dopamine bean" due to its ability to enhance dopamine receptors. Along with delicious and organic chai spices that support gut health, such as: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, and Vanilla.*

Suggested Use:

EARLY  AM: Drink 1 tsp of the Golden Sun Milk Powder in the AM. Combine with your choice of alkalizing milk, preferably homemade!, such as Coconut or Almond milk or Oat Milk. 

MID-AM or BEFORE LUNCH: Add 1 tsp of Belly Love Powder and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in 1 cup of hot water 45 minutes before your snack or lunch. Allow the powder to steep for 5-10 min. Mix well and enjoy. A little sediment is normal! Or, add 1 tsp to your choice of smoothie. For best effects, we recommend smoothies low in sugar or low in fruits that rank low in the glycemic index. We love mixing dark leafy greens, avocado, pineapple (or apples!), and the happy belly for a fiber-rich green smoothie. Optional: For an added de-bloat and detox you can add the Fat Belly Tonic to your smoothie or tea.

AFTERNOON PICK-ME-UP: For your afternoon latte add 50 drops of Fat Belly Tonic. Enjoy the tonic in your favorite chia, golden milk, mate, or tea. You can also enjoy the tonics straight in your mouth if you're not taking any tea in the afternoon.

BEFORE DINNER: Enjoy 50 drops of Amargo Bitters 45 minutes before your dinner. This will activate your digestive enzymes before eating. 

This is a suggested flow that you can enjoy for 1-2 weeks as it is. Or you can also take these products as you feel the need to. For example: 1-3 days of detox, take a few days off, and start again. Enjoy them as needed and weave them into your diet or daily living.

These products work excellent within a plant based diet, or a cleansing plan that you might have. It works best with a low oil/fat intake, low carbs and high fiber.