Chamomile Flower, Dried, C/S,  1oz

Chamomile Flower, Dried, C/S, 1oz

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Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, is a mild sedative and a good gastric anti-inflammatory. It calms the nerves, settles the stomach, and helps to expel gas. This is an excellent nervine agent, especially for children. Use it homeopathically or make it into a tea and sweeten for colic, hyperactivity, teething, fussiness, fever, or irritability in infants and children.

Chamomile is useful for colds and flu in children when combined with elderflower, peppermint, and yarrow. (It contains an anti-inflammatory volatile oil similar to the oil yarrow.) Use it in combination with other nervines and anti-inflammatory agents for pain, swelling, and infection. It can be applied topically for inflammation.

Allergic reactions to chamomile are not common, but are more common than with many other herbs.

This can be taken as a cold infusion, tincture, or glycerite.