Chaparral Leaf, Dried, C/S,  1oz

Chaparral Leaf, Dried, C/S, 1oz

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Chaparral, Larrea tridentata, is a very bitter, acrid herb. Chaparral has long been used as a cancer remedy and blood purifier. It contains an antioxidant substance known as NDGA. Chaparral cleanses and tones the liver, blood, and lymphatics, making it useful for parasites, bacterial infections, viruses, heavy metal toxicity, drug withdrawal, and radiation.

Potentially hepatotoxic, although the evidence is circumstantial and may be due to taking the plant in capsules instead of its traditional form as tea. Nevertheless, itis contraindicated in kidney disease, liver disease, and when pregnant. It has a strong action on the kidneys and should be taken with ample amounts of water to protect the kidneys.

This can be taken as a decoction, tincture, oil, salve, or topical use.