St Johns Wort,  Dried, C/S,  1oz

St Johns Wort, Dried, C/S, 1oz

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St. John wort, Hypericum perforatum, became a popular herb when research suggested it could be helpful for mild to moderate depression. It is indeed helpful for some cases of depression, especially those accompanied by anxiety, but the herb has many other valuable properties. It is a nervine herb that helps to regulate the solar plexus, which are the nerves that regulate digestion. It can be helpful for insomnia, fear, nerve pain, and nerve damage. It stimulates nerve regeneration and repair end helps heal wounds. St. John's wort is antiviral and is used for infections such as shingles, herpes, mononucleosis, and flu.

The fresh plant is phototoxic. It contains a chemical that changes to a toxin in the body after exposure to sunlight. This does not appear to be a problem when taking St. John's wort internally. Avoid when taking SSRI antidepressants.

This can be taken as an infusion, tincture, oil, or capsule.